The Story of the Dream Catcher

There once was a young man who was sent away by the elders of his village to the mountains to receive a vision form the Great Creator.

The young man found a cave in the mountains and used this cave for a home.

As he settled into his new home, he discovered a small spider sitting high on a rock watching him. Every day the young man left the cave to gather food, water, and small game. At the end of every day he would return and tell his friend (the spider)about his adventures and sights.

For four days and nights (not yet receiving the vision), the young man hadn't slept. He knelt down in front of his fire and prayed in tears. "Creator," he pleaded, "please help me. Bad dreams are fighting me. I'm so tired and not yet ready to receive the gift of your vision".

The spider had heard the prayers of his friend's struggles and decided to help him. What the young man didn't realize is that many moons before, his friend the spider was touched by the Creator and had a gift of his own - the power of magic.

As the man laid down to sleep the spider noticed a crevice about the man's head in the shape of a perfect circle. He decided that's where he would weave a magic web that would allow good dreams to filter through and catch the bad dreams represented by a single bead that is represented now in every dream catcher.

When you look at the hole in the middle of the dream catcher, you are looking at the spider's head. If you follow any part of the webbing from the top of the hole all the way tot rim and back (leaf shape), you will see the spider's body. If you follow any four strings on either side (two up, two down)the spider's legs begin to appear into every dream catcher you see.

Now that you know the story of the dream catcher, may you see this blessing and smile.


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