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The community of Eskasoni is located about 50 kilometers from Sydney, the third largest city in Nova Scotia. The drive along route 216 to Eskasoni, after exiting route 4, is scenic and relaxing as one follows the Bras d’Or Lake.

Eskasoni First Nation is the largest Mi’kmaq community in the world. Deeply rooted within Eskasoni is the Mi’kmaq culture. We are proud to say that we are home to the largest Mi’kmaq speaking community with close ties to traditional culture and beliefs.

The community of Eskasoni has a proud history of supporting its young population with events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle among its four thousand community members. With a dedication to improving the lives of its future generation, the Eskasoni community strives to be culturally rich and respectful of its ecosystem based on concepts of shared responsibility.

Eskasoni First Nation has developed a unique multi-cultural tour of Mi’kmaq and Gaelic cultures in cooperation and collaboration with the Nova Scotia Highland Village. The tour includes two different and distinct cultures reflecting the parallels and common threads linking the cultures in history and present day.

• Invite you to our community in a spirit of humility and with a genuine desire to meet and talk with local people

• Become aware of the feeling of our Elders and community members and respect their customs in our actions

• Cultivate the habit of listening, of not always talking and having answers; of learning by watching and listening and by sharing our stories

• Realize that other people may have concepts of time and thought patterns different from ours

• Invite you to discover the richness of everyday activities in other cultures

• Encourage you to use the opportunity of travel for personal and transpersonal growth and global understanding of different cultures and traditions

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